The AEVA is best described as a "Federation of Branches".  Since transport and infrastructure are portfolios managed largely by state governments, AEVA has a branch in every state and territory (NT falling under the auspices SA branch) to ensure the issues unique to the region are best addressed.

The AEVA membership voted in an Extraordinary General Meeting on July 14th 2022 to move from an Incorporated Association (in Victoria) to a national public company limited by guarantee, and have endorsed a new constitution.

The objectives, mission and goals of the AEVA are no different, but the governance structure has changed a little. 

Like most not-for-profit organisations, the AEVA has a board; better known to us as the National Council. The council consists of up to 7 directors, all of whom are representing their respective state or territory. While it is not a requirement to be an active committee member of the branch, the directors work closely with the branch to ensure specific issues unique to the region are represented. Directors are elected by their branches and have a tenure of 3 years.  An additional two directors may be appointed if specific skills are sought.

The National Council elects a president and vice president, and they will preside over meetings of the council for the coming year.

All members belong to a branch; typically the state or territory they reside in.  All branches hold an annual general meeting in the second half of the year where a Committee consisting of a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by a quroum of members.  Additional appointments are made too, including vice-chairs, event organisers and so on. 


The first meeting of the new National Council will happen in October, and the first AGM will be in early November.

An interim board has been created until the October meeting.

Chris Jones - AEVA President 2022-

Hunter Murray - AEVA Vice President

Warwick Cathro - AEVA National Secretary

Michael Day - AEVA National Treasurer since 2010 (!)


A list of our latest branch committee members can be found in the branch pages menu above.