The AEVA website is used to send out emails to people who have registered their interest.  To join up, follow this link:

Once registered, you can control what emails you receive.

If you log onto the website you can see what you are signed up for.  Go to your profile by clicking your name in the menu above, or click here:

Once logged in, you should see a section for your 'Groups', like this:

The most relevant emails will probably come from your local branch.  If you'd like to see emails from one or more branches, you can sign on to do so.  Click on the blue gear icon next to Groups.  You'll get this:

In this screen you can choose which mailing list(s) you'd like to be a member of.  The 'Non-Member' groups are intended for people who are not financial members.  If you are a financial member, you'll also see 'Member' groups, so make sure you choose at least one of those.  You can choose as many as you like. 
Choose the groups you want (double-click and they'll move over to the list on the right), then click Save.  You'll be returned to your Profile where you can see them listed:

Being on the branch mailing list(s) means that you'll receive information about your local events, meetings and news.  You can remove yourself from a list at any time by reversing the process.