Individual EV fact sheets for all currently available new BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) in Australia, plus a one-page summary list of the pricing and basic specifications of all the new BEVs and PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) available here.

The model Fact Sheets follow a standard two-page format to enable easier comparisons between individual EVs.

These sheets have been thoroughily researched and been through an editing panel before finalising, so they should (!?) be correct as of the time of printing. (Month each sheet was created is at bottom of 2nd column of second page).

For use by branches to print for event stands etc., as well as for the information of members and the general public.

Note they are an introductory sheet only and do not cover options in any detail. People intending to purchase any of these vehicles must refer to the current sales brochure/website/dealer for more detailed (and most up-to-date) information.

Created and maintained by Bryce Gaton – they will be updated as and when the models change.

If you find any typos or errors in the sheets – email Bryce at

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Current new BEV/PHEV list: Nov 2020

BMWi3 Fact Sheet

  BMWi3: 2014-current

  Hyundai Ioniq electric: 2019-current

  Hyundai Kona electric: 2019 - current

Jaguar I-Pace: 2019-current

Mercedes EQC: 2019-current 

Mini Cooper SE electric: 2020 - current

Nissan Leaf ZE1: 2019-current

MG ZS EV: 2020 -

Renault Kangoo ZE: 2017-current

Renault ZE40 Zoe: 2017-2020

Model discontinued July 2020.

Tesla Model 3: 2019-current

Tesla Model S: 2014-current

Tesla Model X: 2016-current